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out and the number one pick is out as well. you hope it keeps getting better as they go along, but so much of aaron rodgers success is the ability to get five receivers out and the more they have to help in pass protection, the more their offense looks different. >> al: the game ends and the victory formation for the new york giants who go to 7-4. same record that the packers will now have. the giants dominate. 38-10 is the final score. the wendy's postgame report is coming up. . okay, here's the plan.
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with special perks on united. all giants tonight. 38-10 over the packers. coming in as you know the giants had dropped two straight and eli manning was decidedly off his game. tonight, he threw for three touchdowns. in the meantime, aaron rodgers has sacked five times. osi umenyiora had one of those sacks and he forced a fumble. there are your two stars of the game and they are with michele. >> michele: eli, how would you describe the difference in the team we saw tonight versus the one that lost two games heading into the bye week? >> yeah, we got off to a fast start and that was important. something we wanted to do and no one scored on them in the opening drive of the game and hit the screen to ahmad. he had a big play.
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got a touchdown. defense was getting turnovers. we jumped out. we played as a full team and something we have been missing a while and offense and defense and special teams playing great football. >> michele: what did you do in the bye week that helped you tonight? >> i think we got some rest. guys got away from the facility and away from football for a little bit. we had ten weeks, two long weeks after the hurricane. a lot going on. so i think our bodies and our mind needed a little rest and it helped out tonight. >> michele: 200 touchdown passes. you are the giants all-time leader now passing up phil simms. what does that mean to you, eli? >> well, tonight was we needed a win was the most important thing. but any time, you know, you pass a great like phil simms and charlie connerly and so many great quarterbacks over the years, you know, it's an honor just to be mention inside their company. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >> thanks a lot. >> michele: osi, the defense got to aaron rodgers all night. >> right. >> michele: five sacks on rodgers.
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you had a sack fumble. how were you guys so effective in getting to him. >> we have to get pressure on him and he's an outstanding quarterback and football player. any quarterback you get pressure on them you have a better chance to win and we needed to step up this week for the giants. >> michele: tom coughlin told me at halftime he said to you guys in the locker room we want to go out and regain the respect of the football unit. >> right. >> michele: how did you accomplish that tonight? >> it was important. all heart and all hustle. we had a week off and greneeded regroup. we came out and played like that today. >> michele: congratulations. >> bob? >> michele, thanks. both teams 7-4. difference is that is good for a two-game lead over the cowboys and redskins for the giants. in the nfc east. 7-4 puts the packers a game back of the bears in the nfc north. let's switch to manhattan and tony dungy. your reaction to tonight's game. >> bob, giants fans have to be
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breathing easier tonight as tom coughlin told you in our pregame show he had two objectives. number one to get eli manning playing the way he is capable of playing and, two, to get victor cruz back involved. they were able to do that tonight. eli had time. he was able to get victor going and when their offense scores points, it just makes their defense that much more effective. all of those sacks tonight really the result of getting ahead early in the game. >> let's switch conferences. what do you make right now of the afc wild card race? >> i tell you, the four divisions are about sewed up and really three wild card teams now fighting it out. pittsburgh, indianapolis, and cincinnati. all year long, we had pittsburgh penciled in but it doesn't look so secure right now. they are not playing good football. everybody is focused on ben roethlisberger not being there, but they have had offensive line problems and holding penalties and protection problems and no holes for the running backs. if they don't get this
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straightened out, pittsburgh is in danger of not making the playoffs. >> tony, thanks as always. we turn to mike florio now from pro football talk. take us through some of the day's most important injuries. >> bob, big win for the bears but it comes at a price. they lost six starters today to injury including running back matt forte who missed the stretch run in 2011 with a knee injury. he has an ankle injury from today's game. cornerback charles tillman one of the best defensive players in the league has an ankle injury and linebacker lance briggs i'm i'm told his ankle injury is not serious but left soldier field in a walking boot. brandon weeden suffered a concussion after thrown in the leg of a teammate and he'll have to be cleared by team doctors and an independent neurologist before he can return to practice. in that same game, lamarr woodley of the steelers suffered an ankle injury and i'm told it's not believed to be a
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serious injure but time will tell. >> no matter what they do to police it and no matter what the appeal is, it remains a brutal, brutal game. tune into "pro football talk" weekdays at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. and also tune into and watch "the dan patrick show" weekdays at 9:00 a.m. to noon. back with al and cris to wrap it up after this. . now that's better. get a $10 toys-r-us gift card offer when you purchase a kid's meal. see offer for details. so, the 5.3-liter v-8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer power?
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round one was a knockout. the cowboys let their rivals battered and down for the count. a rematch is next week, a fight to the finish on "sunday night football." >> al: dallas is one of the
8:41 pm
great rivals in the league with philadelphia. first we start with dallas. it seems like it's do or die every week with these guys. like week three on. here we go again. that was a big loss, though, the other day. >> cris: but they are not out of it by any stretch of the imagination. a team if they got a few key guys healthy you could certainly go on a run but they have to be able to beat the eagles. that is where it's going to start. >> al: we will have enough to talk about, i know that. >> cris: my the philadelphia eagles are 3-8 but store up. >> cris: plenty of stories. >> al: see you next week from cowboys stadium. america's game of the week. the pregame festivities at 7:00 eastern time. until then, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya, our whole gang led by fred gadelli and the rest of our crew, good night from the meadowlands where the giants win it over the packers 38-10. .
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discuss did i think we'd win ten games? i knew we'd win a lot more than we'd lose. >> there's a lot to be proud of tonight right now on this special edition of nbc bay area news, a big victory for san jose state football teams. a plane that took off from the bay area, crash lands not at its final destination, and everyone walks away.
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and tragedy on the highway that leads to lake tahoe. the horrific crash that killed three members of a bay area family. >> good evening, i'm kris sanchez in for diane dwyer tonight. this was a deadly weekend on california's roadways. the california highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies report an increase in the number of fatalities during what is one of the busiest travel times of the year. one of them happened just last night and it is heartbreaking. a deadly crash on highway 50 need placerville that killed three members of a bay area family. kimberly terry is live in the newsroom with more on this investigation and what could have been the deadly crash. >> the crash happened yesterday evening and investigators have been working on piecing together exactly what happened to cause the accident that took four lives. >> along the four-lane stretch
8:46 pm
of highway near placerville, a toyota prius carrying a family from san francisco was coming out of the mountains when it swerved into the path of oncoming traffic hitting a minivan. >> there's no information leading to any impairment of the driver. >> a 39-year-old man, a woman and a boy in the prey yus were killed. a 10-year-old girl was hospitalized with severe injuries. the fourth victim of the crash was a 4-year-old placerville girl who was in the minivan. four others in that vehicle. including one-year-old twins had minor to moderate injuries. chp are still investigating what may have caused the drivers to swerve. some think it may have been a deer they saw that was injured and laying on the road right after the crash. >> neighbors say deer regularly cut across that section of highway, so many in fact that they've been asking to see the
8:47 pm
speed limit lowered. this is just one of many deadly crashes in california during the holiday weekend. according to chp, six people have been killed including two sisters from san bruno. they were ejected from their family's suv after the driver hit the back of a patrol car, hit on the shoulder of 101 and palo alto. the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> california highway patrol is warning drivers to use extreme caution while heading home during this holiday weekend. if you are involved in a crash, stay in your vehicle and keep your seat belt on. >> thank you, kimberly. two people walked away from this crash scene today, amazingly with just minor injuries. the pilot and a passenger were flying from novado to the john wayne airport when the plane lost power. the pilot crash landed on a soccer field, tore through a
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convenience. the van nuys airport just five miles away. happening now, traffic finally easing up for folks on bay area roadways, tonight making their way home from holiday travel and probably holiday shopping. looking live at 880 in freemont. we can see traffic moving smoothly. it was a difficult time earlier this evening. if you're picking someone up from the airport, no delays to report now at sfo. earlier, heavy fog caused problems with takeoffs and landings. the day got off to such a rough start that some folks had delays of up to an hour and a half from 8:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. travelers got an unexpected san francisco holiday. >> the plane was cancelled. not cancelled, but significantly delayed. and unfortunately, we had a connecting flight. the only option we have now is to do a flight tomorrow.
8:49 pm
>> airports were operating at half the normal capacity on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> a san jose man wanted for murder is taken into custody after he was spotted shopping at walmart on black friday. happened at the walmart yesterday where an offduty probation officer was also shopping. the probation officer recognized the 18-year-old standing in the checkout line. he has outstanding warrants out of san jose for murder and attempted murder. morgan hill police responded and covered all of the store exits and made the arrests. the ordeal went down while the store was full of black friday shoppers. black friday and small business saturday are behind us. it's time to rest up your fingers for cyber monday. sales are expected to grow to a record breaking number. if you have to work, you're not going to have to look over your shoulder as you shop this year.
8:50 pm
fewer employers are saying they will block access to online shopping sites during the workday. now it's just a third of employers instead of two thirds who say they've shut down shopping at work last year. we spoke with an author who has written books on culture and productivity in the workplace. and says employers have to be realistic and set reasonable boundaries for cyber monday. >> for the employees what i would suggest, they tell their supervisor or ask them and say, look, i'd like to spend a little time tomorrow shopping, i'm trying to buy something new, whatever it is. just be honest, have that conversation. don't abuse it, do it on your lunch or break and don't let it impa your normal workday. employees are more productive when their employers allow them to remain in the office and blur the lines between work and home in this case on cyber monday. the supreme court is expected to take up the issue of
8:51 pm
same sex marriage and the state could not be any higher for gay and lesbian couples in california and across the country. nbc's bay area is live with a story on what we can expect to see coming out of court. >> there are about ten cases involving same sex marriage before the supreme court, including the ban on same sex marriage which was ruled unconstitutional. later this week the justices will go behind closed doors to decide which of these cases they'll hear. if they decline to hear the california case, that would uphold the lower court's ruling that prop 8 violates the safe constitution and same sex marriages would resume in california. most experts believe the justices will decide to hear the california case, along with at least one other involving doma or the defense of marriage act which denies same sex couples equal benefits under federal laws. they say they think that now is
8:52 pm
not the time to bring the issue of gay marriage to the highest court in the land. a married gay couple told us tonight they're hopeful the court will rule in their favor. >> momentum is on the side of the freedom to marry. polls nationwide show the majority support marriage equality. >> we've been saying all along, once we reach the supreme court, that we will prevail, and that proposition 8 will be upheld. >> given that gay marriage is now legal in nine states. the district justices will make a decision on whether same sex couples have the right to marry. that case is expected to happen friday. if the justices decide to hear that case, a final ruling is expected sometime in june. live in san francisco, monty
8:53 pm
francis, nbc bay area. >> thank you. >> looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza now, where it was dry all day long. that's about to change. how soon will it affect your commute.
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san jose state is ranked number 25 in the bcs, something that has never happened for the spartans before. the team is now 10-2 heading into bowl season after a thrilling win over louisiana tech last night. a game that fans got to see on national television. we spoke with head coach mike mcintyre about his incredible season. >> it's been a whole process. our coaching staff, our administration has really bought into building a program, not a team. and now that we have 58 scholarships, it's real letter helped us be able to compete
8:56 pm
week in, week out at a national level. that's what we're going to keep doing. it's been a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to our bowl game coming up. >> the spartans had a 1-2 season just two years ago. now coach mcintyre is a semifinalist for coach of the year award. it was an exciting day to see. we have some exciting changes coming up in the weather forecast as well. >> it's about the fog we'll be watching for you tonight. 40s and 50s right now. i think the fog will be locally thick tomorrow morning. coastal low clouds and inland patchy fog as we head into tomorrow. the bigger changes will show up as we head into the middle of the week. we're going to see the jet stream head to the south. rain, wind and high surf, and we could see from wednesday to friday rain totals 4 to 6 inches there in the north bay, 2 to 4 inches for the central bay, and probably just under 3 inches of rain for the south bay.
8:57 pm
into wednesday morning, the first band comes in, it looks like a mess, then we'll catch a brief break heading into wednesday afternoon. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow will be in the 06s. if you head into the trivalley, you'll see mid-60s. in the north bay, highs in the low 60s, we have plans to clear out the storm drains and gutters, do them now and tuesday. wednesday the rain comes in, brief break wednesday afternoon, more rain coming into thursday and friday, and then another wave comes in saturday into sunday. it's not out of the question, some parts could get a foot of rain between wednesday and sunday. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. xfinity sports sunday is up next. we'll see you at 11:00.
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it's the most popular game in the country. >> i will be here

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